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Gen 1 Brompton Electric Kit.

Upgrade your Brompton with the Original Driiven premium electric hub. Triangle powder coating is inclusive. All with no fuss and no compromising on the unique Brompton folding.

Please allow for an additional 2 weeks for delivery due to the global Covid pandemic

Now Includes Our Driiven Starter Kit:

*Ellipse Smart Bike Lock to secure the new converted bikes.


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The Driiven premium hub will transform any Brompton model into a rear drive electric bike, without compromising on its style and beauty. The Driiven upgrade kit includes the original titanium or steel rear triangle, powered by ZEHUS 3rd generation smart motor. The triangle was specifically designed to the Brompton’s geometry and is fully compatible with the bike’s effortless folding capabilities.



The biggest advantage to rear wheel drive is that it spreads loads of the bike across both wheels. The rear wheel does the pushing while the front wheel is reserved for the steering duties. On a front wheel drive, the front wheel must perform both functions.

RWD acceleration is better from a stop. A bike’s weight shifts to the rear part at the time of acceleration from a stop, which puts extra weight to the rear. As a result, the overweight increases the traction of the tires and promotes faster acceleration.

Better balance = better handling around corners and curves particularly at faster speeds

→ Provides the rider with better traction
→ Increases safety and stability
→ Does not affect the unique Brompton ride experience


The Zehus hub makes the folding mechanism as easy and intuitive as ever, folding as a single unit without the need to unmount the external battery.


The overall weight of your bike depends on the choice of material. Using the titanium version triangle will weigh 13.8kg whilst the steel version will weigh 14.2kg.


The challenge was to preserve the folding mechanism, while making room for the Zehus smart motor. The Zehus smart wheel maintains the Brompton aesthetics and clean design, eliminating the external battery, cords and wiring, and preserving the clean Brompton look.


Zehus all-in-one hub motor with Brompton compatible rim, rear triangle and original charger.

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